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Frequently Asked Questions


I made the purchase an the payment, but I have not received the tickets on my email

In most cases, an erroneous email has been entered during the purchase process. We can solve this, Please, contact or support Center PURCHASE INCIDENT and tell us all the information that help us to locate your purchase:

  • Name used in purchase process.
  • email used in purchase process.
  • Phone number.
  • Day of purchase.
  • Days of use.
  • Purchase made (number of adult / childs tickets and if they were one-way or round-trip).
  • Only bus tickets or Bus + Special Packs.
  • Type of payment (credit card, Stripe or PayPal).
  • 4 last digits of your credit card (or Paypal user email for PayPal payment).

We will check the purchsae, locate your tickets and send you the tickets again to the correct email. Please, don´t make a new purchase.

How can I pay the tickets?

We recommend payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard …). We also accept payments with PayPal or Stripe, in this case the customer is in charge with the purchase commission of these platforms, the corresponding amount is indicated in the purchase summary form on the payment page.

Booking and vouchers

I bought a round trip ticket, but I only received one ticket!

Yes, it is correct, for the round trip purchases a single ticket is sent for each passenger (if you have bought 4 adult tickets you must receive 4 tickets) that must be used both for the round trip. If you have not received that number of tickets, please contact our Support Center (purchase incident)

I made a mistake in my reservation and I want to cancel the purchase.

Due to the purchase policy of the airport, tickets are not reimbursable.

However, the ticket is open and has a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase, if the flight you had planned to take has been canceled or you have changed the dates of your trip, you can use it within the validity period of 1 year.

What happens if I don´t get the bus assigned to my flight?

Tickets are valid for 1 year and are not nominated. No seat number. Usually, you can get any bus every 20-40 minutes after your flight landed. Please, check the schedule´s table for your flight day.

Download link don´t works!

If the ticket download link does not work, please wait 30 minutes and try again to download them again. Sometimes, due to order overload, there is a slight delay in the generation of tickets.

If after 30 minutes you have not been able to download the tickets or you need them urgently, please contact us and we will send you the tickets as soon as possible once we locate your purchase. Please do not make a purchase again.

Contact our Support Center (Purchase Incidence) indicating the reservation code that you will find in the email. We will solve the error and send you the tickets again as soon as possible.

If your purchase was made more than 30 days ago, keep in mind that download links can be deleted from our servers 30 days later from their generation. To avoid inconvenience, download the tickets and store them in a safe and easy-to-locate location (for example, download and send them yourself as an attachment to your email) until use.

Suggestions and tips

Can I use the tickets from the smartphone or I need to be printed?

The tickets can be used for both ways:

  • Printed
  • SmartPhone

In any case, go directly to the bus, the driver will scan the QR code that appears on your ticket. It is not necessary to go through the airport ticket office. If your tickets are round trip, use the same tickets for the return trip

I need to know exactly the departure times of the buses

Please, check our section SCHEDULES

How long in advance should I take the bus for the journey from Port Maillot to Beauvais?

We recommend stay 4 hours in advance before flight departure. Journey trip is 1h15 minutes aprox. with optimal traffic conditions.

How long is the bus journey?

The duration of the trip is usually 1 hour 15 minutes

I buy the tickets. What should I do in airport?

Once you leave the terminal, go directly to the bus and show the tickets to the driver (printed or on the smartphone). You do not have to queue at the box office.

If you have purchased round-trip tickets, you must use the same tickets for both routes, if you are informed that those tickets are for single use, please make sure the driver scans the tickets to verify that it is correct.

Travel reccomendations

Lost baggage in the bus or airport

Declarations of lost baggage are made upon arrival at the airport at our Baggage service.
The Baggage service is available to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact the service directly for any questions:

by email: bagages(at)aeroportbeauvais(dot)com
by phone: +33 (0)3 44 11 46 00 (€0.45/min from France, VAT included)

Baggage security

For the safety of all, we remind you to never leave your baggage unattended. Notify us of any suspicious or abandoned baggage or packages.

Do not accept any baggage from strangers.

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